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Martillos Hidráulicos pequeños serie Fx15a/Fx25a/Fx35a

The latest in Furukawa’s small series breaker lineup, the Fxa Series, features improvements to three internal components – the piston, cylinder liner and seal retainer. As a result of these changes, the Fxa Series is harder-hitting and increases performance. The improved piston has a longer stroke length and an increased diameter. The faster speed of the larger piston combined with an increased stroke means greater energy. The modified cylinder liner accommodates the larger piston and decreases the build up of internal heat, while the redesigned seal retainer compensates for higher back-head pressure. As a result, the Fxa breakers offer a large range of carrier mounts.

Due to a small footprint, these breakers are ideal for use in tight work environments, sidewalk, driveway removal or any other demolition task. The Fx15a, Fx25a and Fx35a may be used on mini-excavators, compact utility loaders and skid steer loaders. Mounting options are numerous and can accommodate any carrier or combination of carriers or specific application.

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